legal steroids for fat loss


Legal Steroids For Fat Loss

When most people think about steroids, they’re thinking about the addition of huge muscle mass. But they’re more versatile than that. So in this article let’s look at best legal steroids for fat loss. The use of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) for cutting is a common practice in the top-flights of bodybuilding. Used for this purpose in countless other sports. Despite the reputation for building mass, they’re extremely effective in reducing muscle loss and improving the mobilization of fat. This isn’t just about becoming a competitive bodybuilder or looking like a superhuman: it can mean a safer, healthier alternative to invasive surgery, a huge boost to confidence and energy, or simply dropping those extra 40lbs and feeling like you have control over your body again. If you’re not competing in a sport, steroids can provide a wealth of benefits that nobody ever talks about.

Today, we’re going to talk about the best legal steroids for fat loss and how to find legal steroid alternatives to these controversial compounds.

The Basics About Legal Steroids for Fat Loss

There are some obvious, well-known effects of steroids from muscle growth to body hair, but they’re under-discussed when it comes to serious weight loss.

We’ll run you through the big effects and how they translate to weight loss. Firstly, the obvious intention of steroids is to increase the presence of anabolic hormones – this is how they boost muscle mass and its kind of “the point” of using them.

The Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio

This starts with the increase in testosterone to Estrogen. Steroids tend to be testosterone-based and increase the amount of testosterone in the body – both the free kind (which floats around in the blood) and the bound kind that produces specific, local changes.

Increasing the amount of testosterone in the body has a significant impact on what your body does with calories and how it partitions body fat for fuel. This means that, more testosterone relative to Estrogen is going to produce more muscle, but also limit the storage of body fat.

In fact, increasing the ratio of T:E can cause significant fat loss all by itself. When using steroids, this ratio goes sky-high (if you do it right) and any AAS will have positive effects on your ability to lose fat if you’re dieting properly.

This means you have two potential options:

  1. Lose as much fat as possible while keeping/building muscle mass (probably a good idea if you’re looking to trim down)
  2. Lose more fat and gain more muscle at the same time. This is possible natural, but when using AAS it is dramatically more effective.

Keeping Muscle While You Burn Fat

This is one of the most important aspects of an effective cut. Whether you’re a bodybuilder prepping for a comp or an average joe looking to keep the muscle you’ve earned while burning that extra layer of fat.

In both cases, you want to preserve what you have while you burn fat. This is called anti-catabolism and it’s a challenge during a calorie-restricted diet since, if you cut too fast, your body is going to start eating up your muscle proteins as a source of fuel.

This is exactly the opposite of what you want if you’re aiming for a muscular, lean physique.

Many steroids – and other, non-traditional compounds – are associated with an improvement in the way that your body processes a cut.

This includes compounds like Clenbuterol which isn’t really an AAS (since it is not traditionally-anabolic or androgenic) but maintains muscle mass while you cut. This is standard for all AAS but, of course, some are more effective than others.

As mentioned above, this can also mean increased gains while cutting. The average natural, trained athlete can only achieve this at a rate of about 0.9% bodyweight loss and 0.2% muscle gain per week. However, when using steroids there are a few changes to how this works:

  • Burn more fat while still building muscle
  • Build more muscle while losing the same weight
  • You can do both at once

This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their physique in both directions at once.

The combined anabolic and anti-catabolic effects of these powerful compounds can play a serious role in the way that your diet plays out. Results are more profound from the same approach – whether you choose to maximize fat loss or find a mid-ground.


Oxanivar by Muscle Labs USA, legal VAR alternative. One of the most popular drugs for lean gains or an effective cut, Oxanivar, a legal steroid coming with a big boost to fat mobilisation and a modest improvement to muscle gains. It’s obvious why this would be so popular for cutting cycles!

However, one of the reasons its gained so much popularity is actually due to a very low androgen index. This means that it provides the anabolic/anti-catabolic effects we discussed above without too many side effects. This is because Anavar was produced for medicinal uses in children with muscle wasting problems or growth disorders.

As a result, Oxanivar is all about more testosterone without the aromatisation you see with classical steroids like Diandrobol.


Muscle Labs USA legal TREN alternative, Trendrolone.

Tren is one of the most powerful steroids that is in common use, with a powerful anabolic and androgenic effect. Being the opposite to Anavar, it comes with a huge boost to muscle-gain potential as well as the risk of side-effects and need for better understanding and controls.

When taking Tren, however, you’re going to be sucking up water in a serious way. The body is going to respond to Tren in a similar way to Anavar regarding water weight: they’re both “dry” steroids, meaning that water retention will be low, even though Tren is very powerful by comparison. This is why Trendrolone is perfect, no ill side effects.


WinsdrolV by Muscle Labs USA, legal Winni alternative.