Testosterone-1™ 60 Tablets Test Booster

Testosterone, the base component that determines sex drive, strength, endurance, muscle mass and muscle tone. Under a broad classification, sold as a “male enhancement” product. Test influences athletic performance by increasing male aggression, promoting muscle mass, and inducing fat loss. Only one thing that separates the Alpha-Male from the Beta. How much test they have coursing through their veins. Testosterone will make you more muscular, less fat, and much stronger than the average man. Higher testosterone also contributes to a higher sex drive, a larger and more erect penis, and more sexual stamina.

testosterone booster legal steroidsTestosterone-1 is not a methylated androgen, so there are no side effects when this product is taken as recommended. Testosterone-1, the perfect testosterone booster supplement for those athletes who want anabolic results but don’t want to use methylated androgens.


EFFECTS: Users report a moderate enhancement in their overall physique. Increase in muscle mass and a loss of excess body fat. If used while weight training, users reported an increase in strength, recovery, energy, and muscle pumps. At the minimum dose, users reported an increase in penis size after 2 weeks, longer and harder erections (noted instantly), more sexual stamina, and an increased libido. If you suffer from “Low-T”, thi product may be a safe alternative to any other protocol.

USE: Testosterone aids in muscle recovery, muscle building and fat loss, sex drive and erection hardness.

SIDE EFFECTS: When used as recommended, no harmful side effects reported. Most common side effect reported, an increase in frequency or sexual arousal and erections.

HOW TO USE (Dose):
Take 1-2 tablets daily with lunch or dinner. Best if taken at the same time every day. Take dose with a full glass of water.

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