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Legal Steroid Alternatives For Hardgainers

Top 3 Legal Steroid Alternatives For HardGainers

As both a seasoned bodybuilder and a nutraceutical developer. I am more than familiar with the question, “Why should I choose this product over the others?” In this case the answer is simple – reputation. Muscle Labs USA has been a reliable provider of  legal steroid alternatives for hardgainers since 1999. These products deliver powerful anabolic results, while at the same time being safe and 100% drug free.

Extremely Potent, yet Extremely Safe: As a legal alternative to steroids, our legal steroid alternatives for hardgainers, not only almost as effective at achieving the same results by natural hormonal pathway optimization within the body. But this way they are infinitely safer, and won’t give you a massive heart attack at 40. But just because they are much safer for you than synthetic hormones, doesn’t mean you can go nuts with them and keep taking them non-stop.

The Stacks

Deca Durabolin supplementAs stated in reason #1, these are not synthetic hormones that shut down your body’s natural hormonal process and substitute with an artificial one. This is crucial to know when you take an AAS stack, because PCT then becomes three times more important. With our stacks your nuts will not, I repeat WILL NOT shrink to the size of testicles, because none of our products shut down your body’s natural ability to create testosterone, in fact what they do is SUPERCHARGE IT!

Our most popular stack is the Hardgainer Stack which includes Dianadrol, Deccabolan, Anadroll and Testosterone. I won’t go into detail about what each one of them specializes in, because I want you to check them all out for yourself, but I will tell you that they work together synergistically. That means they work together to maximize each other’s effectiveness. For example because Diandrobol helps improve the rate of muscle growth, that will further allow the ingredients of the Anadroll and Deccabolan to fine tune the new muscle gains.

Since your hormonal function will still be healthy at the end of a cycle, the PCT-Rx  is all that is needed upon completion but you can choose to take an estrogen inhibitor like Testobolic and/or a testosterone booster like AndroGenRx.

Best Legal Steroids Alternatives for HardGainer-  8 Week Stack

This stack will cause your muscles to explode. It includes our 3 most powerful legal steroid alternatives: Diandrobol, Anadroll, and Deccabolan . The progression of the stack goes something like this:

Oxymetholone supplementWeek 1: Diandrobol is a mass builder that optimizes size and strength. You will take Diandrobol for the first 8-12 weeks of the stack cycle. You’ll notice an immediate boost in strength, as well as tightening of the muscles. Protein intake throughout the stack is crucial, as your body’s ability to synthesize protein will be greater than it has ever been. Aim for 1.5grams per day per pound of body weight.

Week 2: You will continue to notice more and more strength gains, and muscle expansion will start to be more noticeable. Recovery is faster than normal, and muscular fatigue and lactic acid buildup is dramatically reduced.

Week 3: You continue on the journey to a massive physique, and also introduce Deccabolan, the 2nd anabolic of the stack cycle. When combined with Diandrobol, it hits the muscle receptors from all angles to give you exponential growth. Strength and Size are still increasing at a faster rate than you expected.

Week 4: Keep using the Diandrobol and perhaps increase the dose. Phenomenal increases in Muscle Hardness and Mass have already been attained at this point. This is the point when people will start asking if you’re juicing.

2nd 4 Weeks of Stack

Week 5: Anadrol is now phased in along with Deccabolan. Anadroll is an extremely powerful anabolic that specializes in protein synthesis, so if you haven’t been doing so, be sure to get at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily, eat 6 small meals per day packed with lean proteins.  Deccaboaln works to build a high quality muscle with a focus on muscle striation aka definition.

Week 6: You’ll see a bit more vascularity and striations. Recovery is faster now than at any other point in the cycle. Everything is coming together: Mass, Strength, Size & Vascularity.

Week 7: You look in the mirror and notice the major transformation that has taken place. Muscle definition and size are at levels you’ve never seen before. Strength in all of your training exercises will definitely be personal records.

Week 8: By the end of this final week, the transformation for your first cycle is complete. There’s absolutely no doubt in your mind that you’ve just experienced the strongest legal anabolic stack available. We recommend cycling off of the stack for 4 weeks before starting again, because prolonged use of these highly androgenic and anabolic compounds could be dangerous to your endocrine system, liver and kidneys. If you want, you may continue on with another bottle of Trendrolone as it uses non-hormonal pathways. Also consider Clenbuterall to really get ripped, cut-up, and shredded, this goes without saying if you’re training to compete in a bodybuilding competition, for strongman or powerlifting, eh not so much.

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In-Depth Info on Dianadrol

Our Flagship Product
*Rock Solid Mass
*Muscle Volume & Density
*Muscular Endurance
*Dramatic Strength Increases
*Inhibits Estrogen
*Enhanced Sex Drive

Dianadrol, the strongest legal steroid alternatives for hardgainers

Dianadrol is our new top product and it’s proven itself as the next generation of bodybuilding supplements. After 4 weeks of training on Dianadrol, people wonder how it is so effective. We assure you, it’s legal. And I’ll explain a little bit how it works, and this is key to building trust so you know I’m not selling snake oil and showing you smoke and mirrors.

Most strength athletes and bodybuilders that have taken anabolic steroids and/or steroidal precursors (prohormones) know that when you combine different forms of them, the results you get can be boosted exponentially; this means more Size, Mass and Strength than can be acheived by using these compounds individually.

By using the same concept with Dianadrol, we’ve combined several powerful ingredients into one product to maximize that same level of exponential growth. The key is (and this is of crucial importance) the proper compounds used, and in an amount enough to ignite the most anabolic response possible.

Now let’s talk about the phenomenal ingredients in Dianadrol

This powerful formula can boost free testosterone is a break-through discovery. Especially if used in conjunction with a diet and training regimen. Testosterone also means sex drive guys. In case you didn’t know that, this is great for you older guys cause we all lose our T over time, and that’s when things stop working in the bedroom.

Adaptogens  helps the hormonal glands of the body to increase even more free testosterone to maximize your gains and sex drive. A powerful adaptogenic  is specifically standardized for a 2.5% concentration to potentiate maximum muscle size, density and strength. The growth factors in Diandrobol formula that’ll assist you attain freakish size.

We found that IGF-1 has worked extremely well on its own to potentiate muscle, and more so when combined with these other ultra potent ingredients. IGF is known for it’s ability to speed up recovery, and support optimal endurance.

Diandrobol is to be taken in a 12 ON-4 OFF cycle. You’ll take the product for a 8-12 week period, then followed by a 4 week off period. This enables a period of down-regulation to allow your body’s processes to properly re-adjust after stopping use of the product. After the 4 weeks off, you can resume another 12-ON-4 OFF cycle.